Friday, February 12, 2010

Barbara Fister rocks, as usual

"What can librarians do to help readers and books find one another in a world where our money is going toward temporary access to corporate-controlled intellectual property? How can we intervene to repair an outdated scholarly system of authority control that doesn’t recognize that we can’t spread knowledge if it’s packaged in locked containers? How can we liberate knowledge and culture to support life-long liberal learning?

What we need is a movement: liberation bibliography...

My colleague at Gustavus, Mary Solberg, is a theologian who includes liberation theology in her introductory course on Christian thought because she finds it’s a way of 'doing theology' that links core theological beliefs to the day-to-day ways that people choose to live their lives...If I were to write a manifesto for a liberation bibliography movement, it would probably have these points on it."

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